Thursday, September 8, 2016

Cooke City 2016 (Continued)

 Gwen supervising

Wasn't all work. Work & play, but Cousins being together; the WHY we do what we do.
 with Pilot and Index Peaks in the background.

Beautiful woodwork

Grandma with Labor Day snow.

Summer crew 2016


Fireplace & Tile



By end of summer 2016 we have railing, walls covering up wiring,
insulation and plumbing.

1/2 ceiling completed

Beautiful logs looking into the kitchen. Black marks
washed off logs and sealed. Handiwork of many hands.

One bedroom with floor

Waiting for the well driller


Window finishing and staining logs

Monday, July 13, 2015

Cabin Pictures

We thought you might all enjoy seeing the Oliver cabin progress:

**These pictures were taken June 20 to June 22

Cabin site, it was pretty rocky, so it made a pretty crazy foundation!

                                                                            Cement Poured

It took 3 semi trucks to deliver the logs, the trucks didn't want to try to make it up the driveway, so they parked on the highway and had to be unloaded by the forklift and hauled up the road.
David & Rob moving logs
The long logs were tricky to get up the road

Zac & his friends (Blake & Luke) helped bury the pipe for the electrical wire.

It was a busy weekend, but we got a lot done.


**Two weeks later:  July 2 to July10

The walls were 8 feet up when we saw the cabin 2 weeks later!  It is coming together quickly.

Front view

Side view

Grandma & Grandpa Oliver, David & Michelle's Family,  Keith & Bernice's Family, and Dave & Liz's family all helped
during the week scraping logs, fixing the road, and helping on the cabin:

By the time we left on July 10th, this is what the cabin looked like:

Floor on second level is done!
We are excited to go back in 2 more weeks and see the progress :)

 Two weeks later (July 22), the cabin was getting the roof on.

David, Michelle, Katrina, & Spencer all helped paint on the black asphalt sealant on the foam foundation.

This is what the cabin looked like when we left on July 26.  Windows & doors are in.  The roof has the plywood on it, the water-proof sealant is on the foundation.

Back of cabin

Main floor & front of cabin

Second floor & loft
Second floor looking toward front of cabin

The builder quit yesterday, July 30 (apparently he took another job beginning Aug. 1st that he didn't tell us about). So next time we go up, we will need to put the metal roof on, put trim around the windows & doors, and measure the lower windows/doors for covers to winter-proof the cabin.  
These are the latest pictures of the cabin taken in August: